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  • Sat
    All day!All Alabama public waters

    May's fishout will be another virtual event. Hopefully we will get back to actual meet ups starting in June. This event will be for the whole day so post pictures showing us what you caught. Feel free to throw some info out like what you caught the fish on or the general area you were fishing but don't give away those trade secrets.

  • Sat
    5am - 5pmAll Alabama public waters

    This is a CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) tournament for anyone with a kayak! This event is scheduled for May 16th, 2020 from 5:00am to 5:00pm.

    This tournament will pay out for 3 categories. 1 – Blackjack winner $200, 2 – Leopard red $100, 3 – Dinner plate flounder - $100. Entry for this tournament is $25 + $1 processing fee. (Payouts may increase if participation is good)

    Here are the rules for the MBKFA 2020 Blackjack event.

    1) The deadline to sign up for this tournament is Friday, May 15th at 8pm.

    2) This is a CPR tournament (Catch, Photo, Release) and as such you will be required to have a token visible in the Fish Picture. Token will be released on Friday, May 15th,at @ 8:00 pm. Token will be posted on all MBKFA Facebook pages. You may write it with a sharpie and it must be visible in your picture submissions.

    3) Measuring devices: You must have a hard bump board with a 90-degree bumper with clearly marked measurement lines. No extendable boards or tape measures will be allowed. We will allow folding style measuring boards and sticker boards as long as they are clearly marked and pre-approved. Modifications of the measuring board in any way, including flexing or bending it that result in misrepresentation of a fish’s length will not be tolerated. Any infractions of this rule will result in immediate disqualification of the angler.

    4) Fish measuring: 1. All fish must be on an “approved” measuring device. 2. All fish need to be laid with mouth/nose to the left, belly facing angler, mouth closed (except redfish) and nose/lip touching the bump board. The tail may be pinched but is not necessary. 3. Event token must be visible in the submitted picture. A 2” deduction will be taken for fish missing 1 of these requirements. If 2 or more requirements are not met then the fish will be completely disqualified. Addendum: For mouth closed rule – Angler intent will be considered when scoring. If it is obvious that angler tried to close the mouth of the fish it will be taken into consideration. For example, if there is a tiny gap that results in the tail barely touching the next measurement line it will be deemed open. If we feel that the tiny slit does not result in extra length then it will be accepted. Both Redfish and Speckled trout must be Alabama slot. Also, white trout and croakers will only be score-able by length if they touch a measurement line, however they will still count towards blackjack score.

    5) Boundaries: You are now allowed to launch in MS or FL if you choose, but you MUST FISH Alabama waters.

    6) All fish must be caught from a launched kayak. Wade Fishing is not permitted even if tethered. All fish must be photo’d in the kayak while on the water.

    7) Fish must be caught by hook and line methods. This means that the use of both artificial and live baits is allowed.

    8) Fish must be caught from a kayak. No motors are allowed in this event unless permission has been given due to a handicap before the event. No mother-shipping.

    9) Scoring: Simply put, scoring will be just like the card game. The angler that gets closest to 21 points without going over while using the least number of fish wins. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by total inches of all qualifying fish species, 1 submission per species. Points: Flounder – 15pts, Redfish – 10pts, Specks – 5pts, White trout or croaker – 1pt. Examples: Flounder + speck + croaker = 21; Redfish + redfish + white trout = 21; 4x specks and a croaker = 21, etc. Both redfish and speckled trout must be within the AL slot limits. Tie breaker: Total inches of 1x Redfish, 1x Speck, 1x Flounder, 1x White Trout, & 1x Croaker for an aggregate total inches.

    10) Other categories: Leopard Red – Slot redfish with most spots, clear pictures of both sides of the redfish must be taken on the measuring board to determine length and spot count; Dinner plate flounder – longest flounder in inches.

    Sign up here:

    There will be a Calcutta at a cost of $10 per angler with a starting pot of $100. Longest croaker wins the pot!