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    2018 Slammageddon CPR Tournament

    3:00 pmAlabama Waters Only

    Welcome to the 3rd Annual MBKFA Slammageddon CPR Tournament.
    This tournament is for MBKFA members ONLY! The challenge, put together the biggest slam you can in 48 hours….

    The inshore slam is one of the most coveted of all inshore fishing experiences. It’s a feat that is illusive to some, and eagerly anticipated by others. There is such a sense of accomplishment when you do pull it off.

    Each and every MBKFA Member has the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of prestige among your fellow yak fishermen. Join us and seek to be crowned Grand Master Slam Club Champion.  A second place and third place Slam Master will also be awarded. Pay out is 50/30/20 split.  Total cost to get you into this tournament is $26.

    Here are the rules for 2018 Slammageddon

    1) You must be a current MBKFA member. If you are a new member, you must have your dues paid by July 4, 2018 at 6pm to participate.

    Sign up for this tournament will cease at 12pm July 6, 2018

    2) This is a CPR tournament (Catch, Photo, Release) It will require you to have a printed token visible in the Fish Picture. Token will be released on Friday July 6 @ 3:00 pm. Token will be visible on the MBKFA Forum in the Records forum on the members side. It will be posted in the Slammageddon Rules and Registration thread. It will also be posted on MBKFA Brag Board on Facebook. You must print it off and have it with you. It has to be clearly visible in the fish picture. You can start fishing once you've acquired your token. THERE WILL ALSO BE A CODE ISSUED with instructions FOR THOSE OF YOU WITHOUT ACCESS TO A PRINTER
    3) Measuring devises. Much like our AOY tournament, you must have a hard bump board with a 90 degree bump, with clearly marked lines. No collapsible boards allowed. No sticker type boards allowed. WE HIGHLY encourage the use of our official MBKFA Hawg trough bump board or one similar. Fish will be scored by the last line that the tail crosses.
    4) Fish measuring. This is a slam Tournament, covering an Alabama Inshore Slam. Red fish, Speckled Trout, Flounder. All fish must be measured in the same manner. *Fish will be laid on the bump board with head to the left, belly towards the angler, Mouths CLOSED*.  Fish that are not measured in this manner will be but a penalty of 2” will be applied to the fish being submitted. Fish can be measured as they lay. You do not have to pinch the tail. We have a minimum length of 8" and a max length of 30" Any fish that measures over 30" will be given maximum points, as long as the fish is measured correctly.
    5) Boundaries. All Saltwater in any of the continental U.S. is eligible to be fished.
    6) All fish must be caught from a launched kayak. No Wade Fishing. Fish must be measured on the kayak.
    7) Fish must be caught by hook and line. You can use artificial or live bait for this tournament.
    8) No mothershipping allowed.
    9) Picture posting. Pics will need to be posted in the Slammageddon 2018 Tournament Pic Thread in the records forum on the members side of MBKFA encourages you to use the Tapatalk app on your smart phone to post pics. Pics can be submitted on the computer at your convenience. However, scoring will be by the time the pics are posted on the thread. You have until 3pm Sunday July 8th, 2018 to have your pics posted. Thread will be locked promptly at 3 pm. Fish Judging will be conducted by the 4 MBKFA officers, Cody Dodrill, Nathan Rich, Robert Frush and Chris Tregre. Post as many pics as you like. If you are not sure about your pic, we suggest you post multiple pics. We will take your 3 best fish. One each of Redfish, Flounder, and Speckled Trout. Post as many fish as you want. We'll take care of the rest.
    10) All final decisions will left up to the MBKFA 2018 Officers.

    Sign up link can be found here Tim Howard Womens Jersey