Fishing Reports

East Side
Kyle McDowell
Well with the brutal temperatures we have been experiencing fishing has been hit or miss and hard to find a consistent bite. I have seen and talked to several anglers who have put fish in the yaks. Magnolia and Fish River have both produced Redfish and Speckled Trout. With specks down deep in there winter holes and reds moving back and forth between the holes and shallows when the sun is out warming up the water. Bon Secour River is much the same as the other tidal rivers. With some Bull Reds mixed into catch I have heard about. East baldwin county Wolf Creek, Graham Creek and Soldiers have produced trout in the deep areas. The fish have been very lethargic and have empty bellies coming off this hard freeze so as we get on a small warming trend the should become more active as long as the weather holds. Overall the best bet for a sucdesful trip are looking for bites in deep water on the bottom with subtle bites. So get out when you can before the tough fishing days or February are open us. Tight Lines!

West Side
Nathan Rich
With Winter in full swing and water temperatures holding in the 50s. Speckled trout and Redfish have migrated deep into the rivers and creeks systems off of the Mobile Bay. Look to target these fish around the channels and bends inside of Fowl and Dog River systems as well as the ledges and drop offs in the Theodore Industrial Canal. Due to cold water temperatures fish are very sluggish and slow to strike. Remember to slow down your presentation and stick with natural colors, as we have had little rain and the water clarity is very good. Also, with these cold winter months comes the Sheepshead migration. Look to target this species around docks, rock jetties, and bridge pilings. Bait of choice for these are either fiddler crabs or live shrimp. To maximize your hook ups on Sheepshead use very light line and tackle and as little weight as possible to keep your bait in the strike Zone.

Remember to always exercise Safety on the water, wear your PFD, have an air horn readily available, and keep a 360 degree viewable light onboard in low light conditions. Tight lines!